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1st Edition

This climactic, passionate tale of love cloaked in lust is a real page turner. From the outside looking in Derek and Alicia Simpson seemingly have the perfect life.  Although, a deeper look would reveal secrets, lies and deceit just underneath the surface. Sweethearts since college, the two have managed to build an ideal life together. Derek lives for the moments he can ensure his wife’s happiness. From the day he said 'I do', Derek’s essential life’s mission has been to love, cherish and honor his wife. Alicia loves her husband wholeheartedly and unconditionally, but she also loves her boyfriend with the same assured genuineness. Can one woman really hopelessly love two men? Will she be forced to choose between the two men she loves or can Alicia actually have her cake and eat it too?

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About the artist, Ra'Sheeka Keonique

Ra'Sheeka Keonique is a writer, storyteller, businesswoman, piano player, artist, and illuminating light. The mother of three was born and raised in Harvey, Louisiana, where her love of music and storytelling developed when she was still writing with the fat pencils. When it comes to her art, there’s no separation between writing, music and storytelling for Ra’Sheeka. In her world, the three art forms go hand in hand -in hand. One simply can’t -and doesn't- exist without the other.


Ra’Sheeka Keonique has always had a passion for storytelling and writing, which blossomed once she first learned of what a story was. Whether engulfed in a Goosbumps book, or nodding her head as The Fresh Prince told the story of the nightmare on his street; be it listening to MC Lyte tell the story of Poor Georgie, or diving into the latest novel by Eric Jerome Dickey, Ra'Sheeka knew in her gut that, that's what she wanted to do.

It would be years later, while watching an episode of Shonda Rhimes's Scandal, that Ra'Sheeka inspiredly decided to answer the calling. Despite housing a chest full of trepidation, in 2017 she pushed her fear of failing aside, and made the decision to stop talking herself out of pursuing her passion. Then she sat down to pen her first novel, Entangled.

Journeying into the darkness of the unknown, down an unfamiliar path, Ra’Sheeka forged on. In 2019 she self published Entangled, followed by My Sisters’ Keeper in 2020. After setting out on her journey, Ra’Sheeka learned that the path she’d set out on had actually been created specifically for her, by The Creator. And, the only light she needed to light her path had been within her all long.

Now, audacious and wiser, Ra’Sheeka Keonique is no longer afraid to boldly shine her light. She now unapologetically blazes down her path, relentlessly blending love and dope vibez in all she creates. Whether penning a novel, children’s book, a song, a movie, or freelancing for a magazine, you can count on Ra’Sheeka Keonique to execute like only she can.

Since their original publications, Entangled and My Sisters’ Keeper have been unpublished. But fret not Dope Squad, because Ra’Sheeka Keonique is beaming with pride to announce the publication of the 2nd editions, titled Entangled Reloaded and My Sisters’ Keeper {Unlocked}. These two remarkable stories, along with her first kids book (From Caterpillars to Butterflies), are the first of a plethora to introduce Ra’Sheeka’s entertainment company, DOPE VIBEZ ENTERTAINMENT.

Be warned, you are NOT going to want to miss what dope vibez she cultivates next. Whoever you are, wherever you are, Ra’Sheeka Keonique invites you to be her guest, and immerse yourself into her universe. Get carried away on love’s frequency, in adventure, passion, suspense, humor, and music… You may never want to leave. 

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